Forest School

“Promoting a natural childhood through woodland play.”

St. John’s Forest School is a very popular part of our children’s week.

Our aims?

• To support children in developing a lifelong ability to connect with nature.

• To provide an inspirational environment that can build confidence to face and overcome new challenges.

Children are transported from the pre-school to nearby Cheam woods and are encouraged to explore, observe plants and insects and listen to the sounds of nature. Physical and practical skills such as climbing and den making are encouraged as are the use of materials such as magnifying glasses to find natural treasures.
Children aged three and above are given the opportunity to participate in Forest School for six weeks at a time and the school takes place in all but the most extreme weathers.

Why Forest School?

Research suggests that all children benefit from play and exploration in a natural environment. Forest School will give your child the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem and help them to develop independent thought through the setting their own targets, overcoming challenges and taking risks. Woodland play will also help your child develop their social skills and promotes communication and language development.

In an ideal world all children would be given the opportunity to explore a natural, outdoor environment but for lots of reasons this doesn’t always happen. Through Forest School children at St. John’s will have the opportunity to develop the learning skills that will support them throughout their lives